Supply and Demand With Some Communism thrown in . . .

There was a day when NEWS was not that mainstream. It only came onto the screen during important hours of the day. At least this is what I remember. I guess most had jobs, were more active outdoors and Sunday was reserved fakenews2for catch up leading up to viewing, The Ed Sullivan Show. Now we have the internet, crime sprees speed up along with the use of technology and population growth. Networks are now online and have competition to supply the latest, greatest, coolest regardless of its content or quality. FAKE NEWS takes center stage and fits nicely into the socialist, communist propaganda platform that serves, force feeds imaginary threats and fear articles. Only people can turn them off because their unending recycling of scenarios will continue as usual, I believe even if there were no viewers. FAKE NEWS, automated to last a couple of lifetimes. Don’t you think it is time to turn it off? And, please, take the time to research and support trusted SANE NEWS?

Seth Rich Trends, Villains Exposed!

More and more people are checking the facts out because they have realized what Major Media is reporting, FAKE NEWS! Coming to the forefront of reporting is a journalist that is doing more than the Major Media pros. George Webb is providing the public with detailed analysis that includes more than random photos. He actually is walking his talk on the Seth Rich murder! I found his YouTube Channel by chance and quickly subscribed to learn more about Seth Rich, the crime webs involved and why many need to be held accountable for this crime. George Webb is the KING of exposing criminal RAT LINES!

Check out his channel, and share A.S.A.P.



You have been WARNED!

5G Technology = death

I came upon a video overflowing with information that major fake news media would NEVER report. This technology is deadly and must not be implemented on your street corners, however, there is allot more to this sinister technology and its applications. Please check out this video 5G & IoT IS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN TO LIVING FREE; BRZEZINSKI DID WARN US   


Fake News Keeps Getting FAKER


The drama of FAKE NEWS keeps getting hotter, juicier, and more corrupt like the deep state that once was and won’t let go.  How could any professional journalist get on the network tube and just lie. tweetNo standards exist anymore and Donald Trump should just start a White House org network so that people could get informed about the truth. There will be a full blown arrest and I anticipate massive arrests all done within a day or two of the major corruptors. Murder, drugs, organ selling, sex traffic, to name a few categories of crimes committed. Will Major Media also be held accountable for its interference? Time will tell.


FAKE NEWS Distraction Alert


Major Media all chime in to report and create another fiasco of Fake News. This time regarding a security leak by President Trump to Russia. Proving again that Major Media is a distraction tool used to steer the public, drown out truth about the rising tsunami of corruption with regards to pedo, body organ deals and drug operations implemented for years by major key players, Clinton, Obama, Comey – to name a few. Major Media cannot hire REAL investigative journalists, what a shame. More people who are left listening have tuned out to all the major networks and depend upon more dependable, reliable Conservative News outlets instead for truth.

Democrats TOXIC Cover-UP

I believe that the Democrats are using the FBI Director Comey firing issue to further distract from the hacking investigation And, what is the status and details of this investigation? People want to know! Major Media does not seem to bring this up but will go along with the deep state dog and pony cover-up show!











Trump finally fires Comey! How he continued on as being Director of a prestigious Agency such as the FBI had the public baffled. Finally the FBI can do its job with a bit of fine tuning. Thank you Trump!

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